Project Description

Great design is the rule, not the exception.

The Boutique Real Estate Group bills itself a sales and marketing team – including a creative director, interior designer, cinematographer, and film director – that happens to focus on real estate.

At A Glance

Location: California  |  Launched: 2013  |  Number of agents: 40

Great design is the rule, not the exception at The Boutique Real Estate Group

The story of the real estate agent turned broker is a familiar one – a natural progression in the industry.

Raj Qsar is that broker. After working for 12 years in the business as an agent, in 2013 he opened The Boutique Real Estate Group in Orange County, California.

His vision? Build a brokerage that is outstanding at visual marketing.

Design is the rule, not the exception

The first rule of real estate has always been location. But Raj and his team are proving that today it’s just as much about design. Composing design in web and print marketing, video, and the homes themselves.

“We’re a sales and marketing team, but we happen to focus on real estate,” Raj said.

The Boutique Real Estate Group’s efforts on video design won Raj first place as Real Estate Influencer by Inman News in 2017.

Raj’s team includes a creative director, interior designer, cinematographer, and recently, a film director from USC. From day one, Raj has made quality design a key part of Boutique Real Estate’s unique value proposition.

The “quality is really good, [but] most of our videos are telling a story,” he said.

Videos are shot with ‘Redcam,’ which is the same as used in Hollywood films. Each video is originally filmed in 4k and can be uploaded in 6k.

Boutique’s approach to design in digital marketing really shines in their single-property websites, HDR photography, HD virtual tours and high-definition videos.

Every home is staged and professionally photographed for inclusion in custom designed print and digital marketing materials. They shoot a video of nearly every listing and own all of the necessary equipment from cameras to lenses to lighting and sound.

This treatment is ingrained in the Boutique Real Estate customer experience. Raj and his team are uncompromising on this. From the full-time stager they’ve hired to the in-house videographer and graphic designer, clearly this is where the brokerage breaks the mold.

Video is the rising star

In 2010, Raj and his team started experimenting with video, realizing quickly that it paid off in terms of return on investment. “People were showing up at our open houses knowing it was us because of the videos and photography they’d seen in marketing materials,” Raj said.

It has been hard at times to come up with new ideas. “We’ve really done it all. Had a helicopter, an engagement story, rented fancy cars, hired actors and actresses.”

It is a group effort to come up with new ideas, including the story of a chef from Hawaii making food in the home and demonstrating his love for the kitchen, view here, which was mentioned by Inman when naming Raj #1 Real Estate Influencer and received honorable mention in real estate video influencers.

Check out a few of their recent property videos here, and you’ll see it feels more like you’re getting a taste of the lifestyle associated with homes than just a straight walkthrough on camera. And that’s the goal.

Natural selection

In keeping with a focus on high-quality marketing and building a unique brand around that value, Raj’s approach to recruiting is to be highly selective. “We say no to more people wanting to join us than we say yes to,” he said.

Part of this is because the whole notion behind the “boutique” brokerage is working with a highly focused small team. Also, the allure is customized marketing, which becomes challenging at a larger scale.

In general, Raj looks for sales associates who are passionate, people-oriented, and team players.

There is a “huge emphasis on team. I am building up my team,“ Raj said.

What lies ahead

When thinking about the future, Raj and his team remain open-minded. He likes to make sure they’re always thinking ahead to what consumers will want and need five years from now – how they’ll want to do business, how they’ll want to view properties and how agents will work best.

One goal is to open Boutique offices in select California markets, including Corona Del Mar, Napa, Palm Springs and North San Diego.

Of course, no one can predict the future, but Boutique Real Estate will continue to keep an eye on design trends and lead its real estate marketing in these same trajectories.

Raj Qsar

Founder, Owner