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At Spaces Real Estate, the motto is ‘people over properties’

Agents who join Spaces Real Estate can count on being challenged to grow and learn in a “people-first” culture with plenty of opportunity to train and build a relationship-focused business.

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Location: Colorado  |  Launched: 2012  |  Number of agents: 13

At Spaces Real Estate, the motto is ‘people over properties’

Grant Muller and Scott Sammons launched Spaces Real Estate in Boulder, CO, in 2012 with the focus of placing people before properties – or relationships above transactions.

That focus is infused in everything they do – especially recruiting and retaining agents, which they’ve found is better done slowly than in haste. In fact, the company has found it’s had to turn down more agents than they’ve brought on in the past five years.

“We want to double the size of our brokerage and it might take a year or it might take five years,” Grant said. The most important thing is to bring on agents who mesh with the company’s core values and mission.

Spaces’ core values revolve around building relationships, community and giving back, and being authentic, open-minded and building professional skills.

Ultimately, a good match in recruiting means agents who value building their businesses through relationships rather than databases.

Education drives culture and productivity

Agents who affiliate with Spaces can count on being challenged to grow and learn. In line with the brokerage’s “people-first” emphasis, they offer education to all agents intended to help them build a relationship-focused business.

“It goes beyond what you typically learn in this industry,” Grant said. “We’ve branded ourselves as a bit of a think tank.”

While developing relationships is not a new way of thinking or building a real estate business, what sets Spaces apart is in how they execute on this vision. For instance, they’ve employed the concepts of the book “Fierce Conversations” by Susan Scott. Spaces cofounder Scott Sammons has even become a certified instructor to teach the book’s ideologies of using powerful conversations to enact positive change.

In addition, Spaces has invested in an educational fund that’s available to agents throughout various stages of their careers. Sometimes agents take advantage of this to help them increase earnings, and sometimes they learn skills that help them better balance their careers and personal lives.

The systems, focus and education offered at Spaces has made for a very productive group of agents. Grant believes one of the biggest draws for agents to join is the opportunity to work with other high-performing agents.

“Spaces agents all average about $5.8 million in annual sales,” he said.

Building community

Every year, the brokerage hosts a number of local client appreciation events, including a fall fest pumpkin patch, a summer party in the park, and a winter vendor appreciation. Grant noted that attendance at these events has grown every year.

As they grow, the company will continue to host community events and look for opportunities to build trust with clients and the community at large. “It’s why we started Spaces and why we do what we do every day,” Grant said.

Grant Muller

Founder, Owner