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Freedom and mobility through technology

Real Estate Sales Force embraces a “work from anywhere” culture that fosters friendships and mentorships outside the office.

At A Glance

Location: Florida  |  Launched: 2005  |  Number of agents: 450

Real Estate Sales Force offers agents freedom with technology

Jorge Guerra, Jr. founded Real Estate Sales Force (RESF) at the tail end of a real estate boom in 2005, then two years later was operating in one of the worst downturns on record.

The founder and CEO of RESF said tough times called for different thinking. “You had to innovate,” he said. “Traditional techniques taught in real estate were no longer effective.”

Through this struggle, Jorge realized he was up against agents who had much more experience and history with clients in his Miami market than he did and that he was going to have to try much harder to show his value. That was when he started using video to break through barriers and sell homes.

“The industry was shifting, most real estate professionals were not tech-savvy and the videos struck a chord with clients,” Jorge said.

Today, RESF has become well known for its use of high-definition video in its marketing.

‘Work from anywhere’ culture

Another notable difference at RESF is the company’s online platform that facilitates a “work from anywhere” culture and mentality.

The technology enables RESF agents to do everything they need to do from wherever they need to do it – like sign contracts on their phones, put together and send CMAs to clients, and communicate easily with other agents.

Jorge describes RESF’s platform as similar to Facebook, but for work purposes only. “There are forums for open houses, asking marketing questions and finding answers to legal inquiries,” he said. “Agents are well-equipped to be resourceful.”

Agents also can do much of their training via the online system without having to go to the office.

Jorge said his 450 agents, which range from experienced veterans to newbies, appreciate the flexibility and collaboration the platform enables. The company’s culture is positive and youthful. “We have a philosophy that those who work together don’t compete,” he said.

The setup enables agents to help each other out across counties and even create friendships while not always being present at the office.

A multimedia marketing strategy

RESF has also bet big on video as another major technology that sets them apart.

The company’s extensive library of more than 2,000 real estate videos get millions of views. Agents share them with their prospects and clients and the response has been effective, according to Jorge.

“We have a reputation for consistent quality,” he said.

But it’s not all about video. RESF has an online marketing system in which agents can access and choose from an array of email campaigns, brochures and other collateral.

And every year, the company launches a different marketing campaign at the beginning of the year that helps to further position the brand as tech-savvy and high quality. For 2018, their video campaign, “Find Your Spot” aims to get people to download the company’s mobile app for finding properties and engaging with a RESF agent.

Keeping connections

With so much new technology coming out each year, Jorge uses his industry connections and experience to gauge what’s worth implementing and what’s better left on the conference showroom floor.

Jorge serves on various boards and committees for the National Association of  REALTORS®, the Florida Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals.

These affiliations have enabled him to keep up with new tech in the industry. “I know what works and what doesn’t,” Jorge said. “I’m able to take away the noise of the 10,000 products out there and see what works for tomorrow.”

Jorge Guerra, Jr.

Founder, Owner