Project Description

Where accountability is love

Dallaire Realty is built on a culture of accountability and a strong local video strategy.

At A Glance

Location: Wisconsin  |  Launched: 2011  |  Number of agents: 12

Where Accountability is Love

Greg Dallaire spent six years working as an agent with another brokerage and excelled in every sense of the word. He was a top producer and interested in doing new things with marketing. But he eventually felt held back by his brokerage’s lack of multimedia and other technology support.

In January 2011, Greg decided to hang his own broker’s license in the Green Bay, WI, market as Dallaire Realty.

Culture of Accountability

One of the things that stands out about Dallaire Realty is their commitment to supporting agent success. The brokerage provides cutting edge training, executive talent and support for things like transaction management.

The brokerage has built itself around an accountability culture. At Dallaire Realty “accountability is love,” said Greg.

Handling the many layers of details that come up with each transaction enables Dallaire agents to truly be accountable to their clients and build long-lasting relationships with them.

In other brokerages, “most agents have to do everything.” At Dallaire, “anything we do has to be consistent and run by the support team,” Greg said.

Accountability also drives things like regular meetings and one-on-one check-ins with agents to run through their pipeline and ensure they’re on track.

Digital Strategy

Dallaire Realty is a brokerage built on efficiency and a willingness to try new things with digital marketing.

In the early years of the brokerage, they focused on video marketing for listings and interviewing local businesses, which fueled a lot of networking opportunities for the brokerage as more and more people heard their name and got to know them through these videos.
The approach worked and created a steady referral source for the company. In addition, the videos have helped to boost the company’s search engine rankings and elevate the agents as local experts.

Deliberate and different

At Dallaire Realty, they are careful to refer to agents as “real estate consultants” to more accurately describe the educational and consulting work that goes into helping a buyer or seller.

They’ve also tried to stand out by not including agent photos on their business cards. Greg said this is just one small way they show people that they’re focused on consumers and their transactions rather than the agents being the center of the marketing.

Greg Dallaire

Founder, Broker/Owner